Best Sublimation Printer For T-Shirts – Ultimate Reviews-2023

T-shirts, jerseys, mugs, mats, mousepads, and socks printing business have become the business town’s talk. It is time to step into the business field and kick off yourself with the printing business. People are going crazy to have customized, funky, and cool-looking shirts. And such a customized printed job is done with the help of sublimation printers and heat press thermal machines. Try this business idea at your home by first printing your old t-shirt and seeing how great it looks.

Here you can see the reviews on the best sublimation printer for t-shirts. They are compact, affordable, and easy to connect. Furthermore, they are loaded with such features that very few competitive brands showcase those same qualities. Moreover, these sublimation printers are ideal for home, office use. In addition, they give high-quality and reliable printing results. You can even be doing copying, scanning, and faxing with the help of these sublimation printers. So, do you want to get any of the popular desk-friendly footprint printing equipment? Let us know your decision:

Top 10 sublimation printer for T-shirts


HP ENVY 6455e

HP ENVY 6455e


  • Print, copy and scan speedily
  • Gives one additional year of HP warranty on HP Printer
  • Six months of instant ink free of cost
  • Allows you to print from anywhere
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HP ENVY Photo 7855

HP ENVY Photo 7855


  • Reliable wireless connectivity
  • Fast setup
  • Ethernet capability
  • Wide range of letters and paper size support
  • One-year hardware warranty
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Canon TR4520

Canon TR4520


  • Allow multiple color options.
  • Easy to connect with smartphone, tablet 
  • Printing features like AirPrint2 and Auto 2-Sided Printing
  • Permits Borderless Printing, Document Printing
  • 4800 x 1200dpi Print resolution quality
  • Offers 600 x 1200dpi scan resolution 
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  • 2-year warranty for heat press
  • One year warranty for printer
  • One set of CHIPLESS CISS with sublimation inks
  • It runs on PrecisionCore technology
  • 250-sheet paper capacity
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F2C Sublimation Printer


  • Large in size 12″ x 15″ Heat Press
  • Ample work surface
  • Non-stick surface
  • Detached aluminum alloy cradle
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WorkForce WF-7210

WorkForce WF-7210


  • Powered by Precision Core
  • Print materials up to 13″ x 19″
  • Uses 80 percent less power
  • Dual trays
  • 125 sheet output tray
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Canon PIXMA MG Series

Canon PIXMA MG Series


  • Print Resolution for color: 4800 x 600 dpi3
  • Print resolution for black: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Rear paper tray volume reaches up to 60 sheets
  • Compatible with Plain Paper, Glossy Photo Paper
  • Standard Interface
  • Injected with Hi-Speed USB
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Canon PIXMA TS Series

Canon PIXMA TS Series


  • Wireless and All-in-One color Printer
  • up to 4800 x 1200 Resolution
  • 1.5 Segment LCD Display
  • Comes with BROAGE 64GB Flash Drive
  • Carries 4FT Printer Cable
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Brother Store sublimation printer

Brother Store sublimation printer


  • 1.8” color display
  • Easy to use menus
  • Connect directly to cloud apps
  • Automatic 2-sided printing
  • Smart connectivity
  • 100-sheet capacity
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WorkForce WF-7710

WorkForce WF-7710


  • Storage dimensions are 22.3″ W x 19.1″ D x 13.4″ H
  • Gives borderless prints: 13″ x 19″ 
  • The 250-sheet capacity of the paper tray
  • Hold 20 sheets of all kinds of photo papers
  • Printing speed: 8.7 ppm (ISO) in black
  • Printing speed: 6 ppm (ISO) in color
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1. HP ENVY 6455e

HP ENVY 6455e

If you have planned to become a digital shirt printing business, investing in high-end and premium printing equipment is a must. These days, we are seeing an epic craze of starting t-shirt printing business ventures. Undoubtedly, it is a creative and profitable business, and many people earn a lot through this medium. For printing on t-shirts, we have HP ENVY 6455e, and it is the best sublimation printer for the t-shirt business for you.

Trust us, it works speedily, reliably, and up to the required standards. Furthermore, it is ideal to be employed for personal and commercial use. There is no need and any condition to invest in a massive printer for printing t-shirts. Get HP ENVY 6455e sublimation printer and emboss creative and impressive prints on shirts. In addition, this same printer can be used for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing all kinds of documents. Some of its key and essential features are here mentioned for you! It gives you a fantastic opportunity to do auto 2-sided printing.

Customers have given their love to HP ENVY 6455e sublimation printer because you are offered an additional one-year warranty. Once you signup and activate HP+, the user will get one other year of HP warranty time. Moreover, the free sublimation ink tank is given for six months; this is amazing!

So, think about starting and initiating your t-shirt printing business. We hope that the reviewed hp sublimation printer will give you epic printing results. It can print out all kinds of texts and characters that you wish to induct on the shirt. In addition, if you are already a user of the HP ENVY 6455e sublimation printer, share your feedback for sure.

  • Ideal for creative projects
  • Auto 2-sided printing
  • Allow easy printer setup process.
  • A bit heavy

HP ENVY 6455e sublimation printer is an ideal suggestion for printing on t-shirts, jerseys, socks, or any other kind of fabric. Get the suitable sublimation sheet and heat press the print on your shirt. Simply make your t-shirt printing business as creative and exciting as you can! The provision of 6 months of free-of-cost Instant Ink and the serving of 2 years extended HP warranty time makes it a popular and the best sublimation printer for making shirts.

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2. HP ENVY Photo 7855

HP ENVY Photo 7855

It is time and the very right moment to kick starts your t-shirt printing business. If you believe that you can think of fantastic printing ideas, then start with this business plan as soon as possible. Have HP ENVY Photo 7855 that is the best sublimation printer for jerseys and gives seamless operations time to your business idea

Your eyes will not believe it, but this is true that a single print will come out in less than 5 seconds. Furthermore, it is on all kinds of fabrics that this printer shows compatibility. Many girls and boys want to see their shirts and jerseys with unique fonts, texts, and characters. So, get your sublimation printer and makes customized shirts and jerseys.

Most importantly, the reviewed and exclusive printer permits you to print, scan, and even fax and copy any of your important documents. The functions of borderless and wireless printing are performed by it. We have seen the highest popularity of the HP ENVY Photo 7855 sublimation printer, and you can try out the model as well. If you subscribe to HP instant ink, the overall printing cost will further come out to below.

We recommend you opt for an HP instant ink subscription so that printing costs and expenses become negligible. This reviewed sublimation printer does not restrict your creativity. You can think of any print, have it on the sublimation sheet, and heat press it on your shirt or jersey. The process is exciting and straightforward enough too. In addition, you can link it with your iPhone with AirPrint. The operations of Reliable wireless connectivity are offered by it. If any of your friends are using HP ENVY Photo 7855 sublimation printer, you can ask him what kind of printing experience they are getting!

Fabrics of all types are compatible with it. Adjust the printer settings to your fabric needs, and you are good and ready to start! Mostly sublimation sheets of all formats and versions are compatible with the reviewed printer. 

  • Wireless Direct printing
  • HP Instant Ink delivery service
  • Print directly from the sources of SD card or US
  • A subscription is needed to get HP Instant Ink

To make a sublimation design on shirts and jerseys is no longer a hassle. Get HP ENVY Photo 7855 sublimation printer and enjoy having one year warranty time on hardware. In case of any ambiguity, while using a sublimation printer, you can contact their web support that is always available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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3. Canon TR4520

Canon TR4520

Lots of sublimation printers for embossing great quality prints on shirts and jerseys have arrived in the market. But it is pointless to get a low-quality and sub-standard printer if it does not inject desired quality prints on your shirts, socks, and other fabric types. Here we have Canon TR4520, the best sublimation printer for t-shirt printing, and it will surely meet your printing demands.

If you have just got an order of printing small-size shirts in bulk and you do not want to lose the customer, then go with the option of Canon TR4520 printer. Sublimation sheets of all versions and types are compatible with this printing equipment. You can connect it wirelessly with the help of the respective and authentic Canon print app. There is a bonus set of ink that is contained within the collection. Undoubtedly it gives exceptional results, and you will end up having a great-looking t-shirt in your hands. You can also get a kind of print that is accompanied by multiple colors.

Decide the printing pattern and give the desired command to the Canon TR4520 sublimation printer. Your eyes will not imagine how smooth and hassle-free printing outcomes are. In addition, the respective printer looks utmost stylish and compact. It is ideal for home, commercial, and office use. It is all because of its simple nature that you will like and heavily praise this printer.

The noticeable feature part of the reviewed recommendations is AirPrint2, Duplex Printing, and Borderless Printing4. The black and colored print resolution quality is 4800 x 1200dpi. On the other hand, the scan resolution quality is 600 x 1200dpi.

  • Bonus set of ink
  • Stylish and compact
  • Lots of printing feature
  • Beginners may find it tough to load the paper tray.

Interesting and hi-fi features make the Canon TR4520 sublimation printer the hot talk of the town. Apart from doing an outstanding printing job, the reviewed suggestion has Auto Document Feeder (ADF) and Auto Scan Mode. Moreover, it is infused with Document Removal Reminder and allows Multi-Page PDF and even Wireless Scanning.

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TRANSFER WORLD WF-2860 comes with a 2-in-1 product because you will get a heat transfer machine and a sublimation printer. How cool it is! Now, no power will stop your t-shirt printing business. If you think that many printing hurdles are coming in between your printing business, then remove them by investing in a high-end and the best sublimation printer for dark shirts

We recommend you have a TRANSFER WORLD WF-2860 printer and heat transfer machine. In addition, it functions on the ink continue system, and the sublimation ink package comes along with the box. Furthermore, a varied number of printing sublimation needs are fulfilled by it. These are CHIPLESS cartridges, and they do not need any resetting operations. The brand has delivered high-quality sublimation ink and advises the same to its customers as well.

Moreover, the reviewed product has received CE certification. On heat-press, two year warranty time is given. And the one-year warranty is offered for the sublimation printer. We know that the t-shirt printing business encompasses versatile operations, and it is on this condition that TRANSFER WORLD WF-2860 printer works! You can easily print on T-shirts, mousepads, and plates, coffee mugs.

It embosses full pressure on the sublimation sheet, and you can adjust the pressure too with the help of a pressure knob. Besides, features of the reviewed printer are uncomplicated to access. It carries a top-mounted control. Fast printing speed is promised from its side.

  • CHIPLESS cartridges
  • High-quality sublimation ink
  • CE certification
  • The interface is not straightforward.

Re-launch your t-shirt printing business, and this time you need to make it more profitable upon investing in TRANSFER WORLD WF-2860 sublimation printer. The sheet paper capacity is up to 250, which is sufficient to handle bulk printing orders.

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5. F2C Sublimation Printer

F2C Sublimation Printer

Next, we have an F2C Sublimation Printer! If you have lots of plain and straightforward jerseys, socks, and shirts and want to bring an incredible effect on them, the sublimation printing technology can help you. The reviewed suggestion in front of you works on extraordinary standards. It is the best sublimation printer for fabric and the best sublimation printer for mugs as well. In addition, it allows complete and thorough 360-degree rotation.

The professional and swing-away design makes it a top choice for people linked to the t-shirt printing business. If the print is of complex type, make sure to put as much pressure as you can. Challenging and technical kinds of print patterns need high pressure, so adjust the knob accordingly. The plate of the F2C Sublimation Printer remains shake-free, and that is the catchy feature of it. Your whole printing process remains stress-free, and the best prints will come out.

Keep in the notice that the item is aimed in a 12″ x 15″ Heat Press. The user is given a considerable and enough amount of working surface. It is convenient enough to print shirts and jerseys. And recommendations like these F2C Sublimation printers have assisted us a lot in this category. Besides, plates have a non-stick surface. For printing on mugs and hats, you need to use the detachable and upgraded aluminum alloy cradle.

If your t-shirt business is just new or you have been in the industry for years and years, we can give you a piece of simple advice to invest in such high-quality sublimation printers. Hence, order 5 in 1 multifunction and versatile heat press machine and let us know what level of satisfaction it gives you!

  • Full 360-degree rotation
  • Adjustable pressure knob
  • Does not shake
  • It consumes a little bit more power.

F2C Sublimation Printer has extensively satisfied lots of people who have just stepped into the t-shirt printing business. It shows utmost industrial-strength, easy-to-follow operations, and immense durability. It is a significant investment that gives exceptional value.

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6. WorkForce WF-7210

WorkForce WF-7210

There is no need to believe in this myth that t-shirt and jersey printing jobs are one of the biggest hassles. They are fun and creative assignments if you understand them correctly. Suppose your client has given you an order to print 100 jerseys! In this regard, invest in WorkForce WF-7210 sublimation printer. It is the best cheap sublimation printer for shirts and meets your printing target with much seamlessness

Furthermore, the Epson brand is known for making super-quality sublimation printers. Lots of models and versions are already introduced by Epson. And WorkForce WF-7210 is one of them! Most importantly, it promises to give quality printing results. The user has to employ genuine Epson inks only and no other kinds of sublimation printer inks.

In addition, it is powered by Precision Core and brings superb graphics to your shirts and fabrics. All color variations are well handled, whether your texts and images are in black and white color combination or some other color combination. Shirts and jerseys up to 13″ x 19″ are suitable for such heat press machines.

Moreover, it is one of the economical printers that we have suggested to you. It consumes 80% less power, and that is another attractive quality. The feature of Dash Replenishment is going to keep complete track of your ink usage. When the sublimation ink runs low, the user is notified right away. Now, that is the most remarkable part that is displayed in WorkForce WF-7210.

We have seen that few sublimation printers notify the users with such alerts, and WorkForce WF-7210 is one of them. Your sublimation ink will not run out in the last hour. You will be notified before so that you can keep the sublimation ink in stock for emergency times.

  • Keeps track of your sublimation ink usage
  • Laser-sharp black text
  • 500 sheet capacity
  • Does not have scan bed 

All high-end sublimation printers show a versatile paper handling function, and the WorkForce WF-7210 printer effortlessly displays the same process. Rest, it has 500 sheet capacity and dual trays. The presence of the rear feed will make it uncomplicated for the user to place specialty paper.

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7. Canon PIXMA MG Series

Canon PIXMA MG Series

There is no other sublimation printer that prints with such easiness on shirts and jerseys. Yes, we are talking and going to review Canon PIXMA MG Series for you. It is not a wireless printer and is not included in the category of auto duplex printer. Still, it performs the sublimation printing job with ease. You can call it the best sublimation printer for the t-shirt business.

Please take out your old shirt or plain jersey and think of the creative print you want to see on it! Get the print and heat press it on your jersey. Voila, you have done it! Undoubtedly it is a simple sublimation printer, but the kind of miracles and wonders shown by it is awe-inspiring. Furthermore, its colored print resolution is 4800 x 600 dpi3. And black print resolution is 600 by 600 dpi. For your personalized printing needs, this is an ideal suggestion. In addition, it supports other ink cartridges as well.

We suggest you have this All-in-One Color Sublimation Printer. There are a total number of sublimation sheets that can accommodate in its tray. It means you can print on 60 shirts at the same time. Keep in mind that the maximum scanning resolution is 600 x 1200 DPI.

Quite a few of the sublimation printers show this much resolution range, and we can say with pride that Canon PIXMA MG Series is one of them. Dull printing results are never and ever shown by it, and that is why it has become a top choice for many printing business owners.

  • Up to 4800 x 600 Resolution
  • Shows Auto Scan Mode 
  • Supports other XL ink cartridges
  • Not runs on wireless mode

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8. Canon PIXMA TS Series

Canon PIXMA TS Series

Any t-shirt or jersey always captures the attention of people present around us when it looks funky of all! If you think that funky and cool shirts are expensive, then you can make your own customized and coolest-looking t-shirts. Get the best sublimation printer to make t-shirts and perform this so-called technical job with ease.

The reviewed Canon PIXMA TS Series printer is actually of high quality. It allows wireless connection operations. Furthermore, its setup process is untiring, and you can connect it with no hassle with your tablet, smartphone, or PC station. Two fine cartridges are needed, and you will be in the position to emboss exceptional prints on your socks, shirts, and jerseys. Its color resolution is reaching up to 4800 by 1200 dpi (dots per inch).

Most probably, you will mark the reviewed Canon PIXMA TS Series printer as a great printer. It employs a FINE cartridge and hybrid ink system, and it is the main reason you will witness the perfect fit and balance of performance, quality. For enjoying more printing control, it is better to connect it wirelessly. Rest, the brand has claimed that the user interface inducted in the Canon PIXMA TS Series printer is spectacular enough.

Many sublimation printers whose menus and operations are messy to navigate, but the reviewed printer does not show this hassle and trouble. Beginners out there can worry-free shop for the reviewed suggestion. If this Canon PIXMA TS Series printer is already present in your home and you have printed your shirts and jerseys with its help, then our fingers are crossed to hear feedback from your side.

  • Streamlined setup process
  • FINE cartridge kind of hybrid ink system
  • The ideal fit of performance, quality
  • Driver settings are a must to adjust.

Canon PIXMA TS Series sublimation printer has a straightforward interface. We believe that it is a critical quality that has to be stamped in any sublimation printer. Its interface settings are easy to adjust, and the whole equipment infuses with a 1.5” Segment LCD screen.

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9. Brother Store sublimation printer

Brother Store sublimation printer

Brother Store sublimation printer is the name of ensuring smart connectivity and affordable printing operations.  It claims itself as the best sublimation printer to make shirts. You are wrong if you think that the t-shirt printing business is expensive and not easy to set up. You need to finance in single printing equipment, and that is all! Once you have shopped for a high-end sublimation printer, you can officially start your jersey and sock printing business.

Regarding its innovative connectivity operations, you can connect it wirelessly or with your computer station. Furthermore, it consumes much less power and ink than you have not imagined. It even saves sublimation paper costs. The brand has made this factor mandatory in the reviewed sublimation printer to inject High-yield and replacement ink cartridges. It is due to this element that the reviewed model will turn out to be cost-saving for you.

We are somewhat sure that lots of you are already using this Brother Store sublimation printer. You can think that you should start planning to launch your t-shirt printing business. Give yourself a little push, and we are confident that you will do great. It is advised to opt for only these kinds of premium and best printers for sublimation so that you can print with ease on all types of shirt fabrics. Share your feedback and make your fellow readers aware of what kind of great sublimation printer it is!

  • Mobile printing option
  • Cloud connectivity options
  • Compatible with other Brother genuine ink
  • It lacks a desk-friendly footprint.

Brother store sublimation printer is one of the generous-looking sublimation printers that we have selected for you. Its capacity is impressive enough, and you can accommodate various kinds and numbers of sublimation sheets in it. It can hold up to 100-sheets and print on all sorts of stocks and envelopes and even photo papers.

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10. WorkForce WF-7710

WorkForce WF-7710

We have now firmly believed that any sublimation printer from a high-end brand a reliable. For the reason that we have reviewed WorkForce WF-7710 for you! It is the best sublimation printer for socks and makes your printing business a little bit hassle-free. Most certainly, you will find it as one of the versatile sublimation printers.

In total, it can print, scan and also fax and copy. Take out your old shirt and see what print quality it inject and emboss to see the demo! Furthermore, the stamping of precision core technology makes it a reliable choice for people in the printing business. Many people love to inject borderless prints on their shirts and jerseys. So, in this regard, they can simply buy a WorkForce WF-7710 printer.

A total of 250 in several basic sublimation sheets are inserted and well accommodated in it. Rest, it can hold 20 in several photo sublimation papers and 10 in some sublimation envelopes. Moreover, dual sides printing job is offered by it. It means you can emboss prints on both sides of your shirt; how cool it is! The printing speed is 8.7 ppm (ISO) in black. And the speed range is six ppm (ISO) in color. Once you use it two to three times, you will say and indeed believe that it gives a professional kind of shop quality.

You need to note that it gives borderless prints around and about up to 13″ x 19″. For scanning, only those documents can be scanned that are up to 11″ x 17″. It is useless to slow down or shut down your shirt printing business. We have arrived with a first-rate and top recommendation. And we are super confident that the reviewed product will boost your shirt printing business profits. Lots of customers at the commercial and small scale have preferred using it.

  • Holds up to 10 envelopes
  • 4.3″ color touch screen
  • Wireless printing from iPad and iPhon
  • The menus are limited to user-friendly nature.

WorkForce WF-7710 sublimation printer is here to make your sublimation printing tasks easier day by day. This one is a versatile and productive printer. It can even print on particular kinds of sublimation sheets and papers. The presence of a 4.3″ color touchscreen and the operations of easy navigation make it a trustworthy printer model.

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Sublimation Printer For T-shirts- Buying Guide

The vital part is here in front of you, and it will tell you what other things are needed apart from having a sublimation printer. In case you have questions on the best sublimation printer for t-shirts, ask us:

Sublimation inks

To perform this job with ease and not a single hassle, you need to get high-quality sublimation ink as well. Make sure to use the ink that is compatible with your printer model.  Furthermore, these sublimation inks appear in the form of special heat reactive dyes.

Sublimation transfer paper

Rest, you need a sublimation transfer paper as well. Whether you want to print a shirt or jersey, or sock, you need to use a sublimation transfer paper in this regard. Moreover, the selection of the wrong transfer paper will not precede this job with success.

The latest technology highly powers it.

It is suggested to choose the sublimation printer for printing your shirts encompassed by the latest and highly powered technology. Like, we have WorkForce Pro WF-7710, and Precision-Core powers it.

Great paper handling job

It is better to select a sublimation printer to handle all types of sublimation sheets and papers. Whether the person is using a basic sublimation sheet or a glossy one, it should show the ease of compatibility.

Print-Shop Quality

There are many brands from the side of sublimation printers that claim to give print shop-quality results. But very few of them fulfill and meet these claims. The recommendations as mentioned earlier may have given you a little idea regarding which brands offer print shop-quality results.

Easy navigation and user-friendly Control settings

We know that many people are reluctant to use sublimation printers because they are stressful to use. However, the recommendations mentioned above are tired-free to use. And it would help if you chose that sublimation printer that allows easy navigation and seamless control operations.

Intuitive touchscreen

It has now become paramount to have and purchase a sublimation printer that has an intuitive touchscreen. Furthermore, it gets easy for the user to see the settings and adjust them with ease. On the touchscreen, precise details and locations information is written that makes your printing job smoother.

Wireless Printing and Networking

Lastly, we have a great piece of advice for the people who have just stepped into the shirt printing business! It is that to look for a sublimation printer that allows wireless printing and wireless networking operations. If it can be wirelessly connected, it means you can take that printer anywhere. Moreover, it will enable you to print the desired text from your iPad, iPhone, or Android tablets and smartphones.

Now, you know which elements are essential when shortlisting or finalizing the best sublimation printer. You need to make a wise choice, and there is nil else task that you have to do! Ask your friends and colleagues which sublimation printer they are using and get a clearer idea

Frequently Asked Questions

The printer you need to make sublimation shirts is from the brands like Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer and SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG400 Printer. Furthermore, you can have DNP Printer DS-RX1HS, Datacard Group SD260 Sublimation Printer, and Digital Textile MT-TA3. Besides, many varieties have entered the printer market. Experts have suggested making a wise and correct choice because the wrong selection of sublimation printer may cost you a lot.

The duration varies depending on the fact how much high-quality your sublimation printer is! Like, if you have sublimate print on a basic t-shirt of yours, then that print can last for five to ten years. Low-quality printers inject such images that they automatically fade away after some time. So, if you want to see the print remain there on your shirts for a long time, get a high-quality sublimation printer at any cost.

Both of them have to turn out to be clear winners when it comes to printing on a range of fabrics. Individuals have backed using both the sublimation printing process and heat transfer printing techniques. Furthermore, if specific decorations and embellishments accompany your prints, it is preferable to go with the sublimation technique. In addition, it works well on rigid substrates and soft surface substrates. 

Final Verdict

All of these reviewed best sublimation printers for t-shirts have become our favorite. Many business ideas are there, but the cost-friendly and easy to start is this t-shirt printing business! What you need to do is to get a sublimation printer and officially launch your business. They give exceptional performance, and we are sure that they will take your shirt printing business to the seventh cloud. Risk-free printing equipment makes you a pro in the printing range of shirts and jerseys.

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