How To Print Sublimation Transfers The Complete Guide

It is very interesting and tricky to print sublimation transfers. There is a complete procedure to print many unique pictures and texts on objects. Such prints are permanent and never get removed. Many people like to customize their things like shirts and mugs with prints. This type of printing is for them, and it’s very reliable too. Now I will guide you on how to print sublimation transfers. 

But especially you will need some equipment to perform it completely. Those compulsory items are given and described below: 

Required Items And Equipment

Equipment is required to print. Just get these required items if you want to perform a sublimation transfer. Those types of equipment are given below; 

Sublimation Compatible Printer

Printers are not only printing papers and sheets. Sublimation printing enables us to get customized prints and graphics over versatile surfaces. Moreover, sublimation transfer compatibility widens the aura, and now, almost sublimation prints are easy to generate on fabric, plastics, ceramics, and polyesters. 

Besides direct sublimation prints, inkjet printers can also print over the transfer sheets. No doubt, a specific sublimation printer prints directly on the surface of shirts or mugs. But those are very costly, so it is not a wise decision for the printing business.

There are many advantages of using inkjet printers because they are very easy to use and of course very effective. 

Sublimation Ink 

You have to look for sublimation ink. It is a crucial item of the whole sublimation process. 

Here is one limitation you cannot use the ink which comes with an inkjet printer. There is specific sublimation ink available at a reasonable rate. However, it would help if you researched deeply before opting for one, as installing the wrong ink can ruin the printer head.

Installing sublimation ink into the inkjet printer is quite technical and needs DIY with simple adjustments to get the inkjet printer to perform sublimation. 

Always use the best and finest quality sublimation ink for better results. It will produce clear prints of images. You will get the most relevant results after using this ink. 

Sublimation Paper

In this process, another important thing is the sublimation paper. On this paper, the sublimation ink will be printed. This special paper has a distinct coating that permits the sublimation ink to be printed. Never ignore this essential step to get the best print. These sublimation papers are used in many fields according to the situation. So it is obvious that we can not print sublimation ink on regular paper.

Flags and banners: The sublimation papers print banners and flags. Place the sublimation paper in an inkjet printer. Then print a specific image on the medium. This method helps to draw flags and banners for advertisement.

In-home textile: you can print on clothes, and it is very common and easy. By using sublimation paper, we can print on our clothes at home. Moreover, you can make your t-shirts fancy and cool by making designs on them. It is all possible due to the sublimation paper. It provides the possibility to print textiles skillfully.

To make fashion accessories: sublimation papers are so productive and can be used to make themed-fashion accessories. We can print our handbags, lockets, and many trendy items quite easily. Sublimation paper will make it easier and simple.

Making sports kits: We all know sports and kits or uniforms used by players. Such kits are designed and customized to make an identity of the team. It is all possible due to the sublimation paper because it can easily sketch the trousers and shirts of players. 

Heat press

After sublimation on paper, there is time to heat press the design. When the design is printed on sublimation paper, bring it near the object you want to print. 

The heat press plays a vital role in printing permanently. The heat press will make fabrics absorb ink properly and deeply. After this process, the print will never get fainted or disappear. Heat presses come in different sizes and shapes.

Ensure that you get that heat press that is comfortable for you to use. Never use iron instead of a heat press because the results will never be the same. So get the right heat press and enjoy sublimation printing.

Design Software

Software is very necessary for the sublimation process. If there is no software, then it’s not possible to draw designs.

There are many programs available for this purpose. Just use those designing software and keep making new and advanced designs. So make sure that you own design software, then further you can think. You can operate it on your tablet, laptop, or pc quite easily.

These design programs are very easy to use too. So you will be able to make new and unique designs using this software. 

Tips to Notice!

There are many tips and tricks you need to follow. If you find any difficulty in the process, you can look for the tips given below: 

  • Get an inkjet printer and use it for printing. 
  • Use the best sublimation ink of famous brands. 
  • Always be careful while printing t-shirts. 
  • Use the best heat press to avoid mess printing. 
  • Get high-quality sublimation paper. It will never disappoint you. 
  • Follow the guidelines given in the description.

Wrapping Up!

Here I have shown you how to print sublimation transfers. The whole process is quite interesting and easy. You will get the gist of how to do the process because it’s very common nowadays. 

Whether you are directly printing or printing through a transfer paper, the results depend on several factors. The most important factor is the selection of the right printer according to requirements.

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