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Dye-sublimation printing has given a new direction to all those facing a lot of hassle in boosting their printing business. Yes, sublimation printers have made a significant and surprising entry. High-quality and budget-friendly sublimation printers are there that can print on shirts, mugs, tumblers, and all kinds of fabrics, mouse-pads, and mats.

You can read out the reviews on the best printer for dye sublimation and give a profitable push to your business. We have highlighted the top 8 recommendations, and competitive and reliable brands make these printers. Beginners and experts will face almost no stressful time in using this printing equipment. Check out the review details:

Top 8 Printers For Dye Sublimation

1-Epson EcoTank ET Series sublimation printer

Epson Eco Tank ET Series sublimation printer

Epson EcoTank ET Series, the best dye-sublimation printer for photo booths, can be used for a range and many purposes. If your business is exclusively about printing on photo papers, shirts, mugs, and tumblers, genuine and top-class dye sublimation printing equipment should be purchased by you. We have Epson EcoTank ET Series, and it is here to perform all these chores. In addition, the printing speed displayed by it is super impressive.

If your prints are black, the print speed range will be up to 10.5 ppm. For colored images, the speed is 5.0 ppm. Customers have supported such a series of dye-sublimation printers because its displayed resolution is so much maximum! In other words, the Epson EcoTank ET Series resolution is 5760 x 1440 dpi.

Furthermore, you will 1.44″ LCD Scan Bed Display. Whether your client has given and issued you an order of borderless printing, we think you should choose the dye-sublimation printer of these series. A total of 100 sublimation sheets is fitted into it. In addition, standard connectivity options are offered from the reviewed product side. It is easy to connect through Hi-Speed USB and Wireless 802.11 b/g/n options or Wi-Fi Direct options.

Besides, customers are given a replacement ink set along with the box set. For the information, the box comes with EcoTank ET Series supertank printer and Manual. You will get CD-ROM for product installation and setup and a Power cord. There is 1x bottle of 522 Black (65 mL), and you will be getting one bottle each of 522 Cyan, Magenta, and in the color of Yellow (65 mL).

Key Features

  • Print Speed: Black: 10.5 ppm
  • Print speed Color: 5.0 ppm
  • Print resolution is up to the limit of 5760 x 1440 dpi.
  • 100-sheet paper capacity
  • Connected through Hi-Speed USB
  • Connects through Wireless 802.11 b/g/n

Epson EcoTank ET Series, dye-sublimation printer, is the one for you. The presence of 4-color (CMYK) and MicroPiezo inkjet technology makes it a super fantastic model. Very few sublimation printers show MicroPiezo inkjet technology, and this exclusive series is one of them.

  • LCD Scan Bed Display
  • Standard Connectivity
  • EcoTank cartridge-free Ink Syste
  • The interface is not beginner-friendly

2-WorkForce WF-7210 sublimation printer

WorkForce WF-7210 sublimation printer

WorkForce WF-7210 is here and officially jumped into the sublimation printing business. If someone has suggested you start a shirt and mug printing business, then trust us, which is not a bad idea! This kind of business needs minimum and such a minor investment, and you can flourish it in little time. We have reviewed for you the WorkForce WF-7210 dye-sublimation printer. It is the excessively praised and the best sublimation dye printer.

Customers have given their love and a lot of thumbs to it. In addition, it is a wide format printer and offers brilliant results no matter you are handling it for the first time. The official stamping of precision core technology makes it a unique printer. There is no need to imprint fonts and texts on your shirts by paying so much money to the shop keepers. Get WorkForce WF-7210 and easily impress interesting and funky captions on your shirts and mugs.

Furthermore, it prints up to 13″ x 19″, and experts have officially concluded that the reviewed WorkForce WF-7210 is an ideal blend of speed and versatility. It has a 500-sheet capacity. Furthermore, it is stamped with dual trays and also a rear feed. You can place your envelopes and sublimation specialty paper in it. For the sake of seeing easy navigation and smooth operation, the recommended sublimation printer is fused with a 2.2″ LCD.

Key Features

  • Instruction manual
  • CD-ROM for product mounting and setup
  • Power cord
  • 2.2″ LCD
  • Two-sided option of printing
  • Prints up to 13″ x 19″

WorkForce WF-7210 dye-sublimation printer will not disappoint you. This technique is opted by people on crazy notes, and you can become a part of this craze. It is either through wireless connectivity or networking that you can have the prints in your hands.

  • Offer both speed and versatility
  • 500-sheet capacity
  • Injected with dual trays, and a rear feed
  • No bonus ink

3-HP Pro 8025e sublimation printer

HP Pro 8025e sublimation printer

HP Pro 8025e is ideal for small and large in scale printing businesses. It gives sharp colored prints and performs the job of dye sublimation printing with such ease and simplicity. Experts have called it the best dye-sublimation printer for home use.

In addition, many college-going students love wearing funky shirts and love holding classy and cool-looking tumblers in their hands!  HP Pro 8025e sublimation printer can become your helpful companion. Most noteworthy, apart from doing the printing job, you can do copying and scanning on it. The option of 2-sided printing is there.

Moreover, the exciting part is that it has an optional HP+ system. The implantation of such a system makes your printing process more secure and productive. You need an HP account to become a part of this intelligent printing system. Without a valid and official HP account, you cannot access it. Time to get hold of the sublimation sheets and heat transfer some catchy prints on your shirts and mugs. If it is a colored print, you can print ten pages in just a single minute duration. However, for black marks, the speed gets double. The user is allowed to print 20 minutes in only one minute.

Key Features

  • Fast color print
  • 2-sided printing
  • Allow wireless printing and an auto document feeder
  • Self-healing and Wi-FiTM automatically resolve connection issues
  • Bonus instant ink for six months
  • Optional HP+ Smart System

HP Pro 8025e dye sublimation printer has a Self-healing Wi-FiTM. It means that it will automatically detect all kinds of connection issues and will be able to resolve them as well! It is time to bring advanced features to your sublimation printer. Time to remove all hassles and inconveniences from your printing process! Have HP Pro 8025e and share your reviews.

  • Auto document feeder
  • Print up to 20 black pages in a single minute
  • Print up to 10 color pages in a single minut
  • Compatible with only Original HP Ink

4-Epson ET-2760 sublimation printer

Epson ET-2760 sublimation printer

Epson ET-2760 is a high in-demand and the best dye-sublimation printer for heat transfer. Almost every person out there has this printer in their home or office. You might be wondering why to order only this printer? Here you can know that! Apart from scanning, faxing, and printing your documents, you can use sublimation sheets in it. Whatever print you emboss and imprint on that paper, you can then heat-transfer it on your shirt or jersey.

We know that shops and almost all brands charge a lot for making customized shirts, mugs, and tumblers. But Epson EcoTank ET-2760 has shown us a budget-friendly option! The main features of the recommendation are that it shows auto-duplex printing operations.

Moreover, it has a high-resolution flatbed scanner and makes it a perfect sublimation printer. The ink tanks show such a high capacity that you no longer have to use those tiny ink cartridges. Upon ordering it, the customer gets ink for up to 2 years; how amazing it is! Only with the EcoTank printer can you ensure that less amount cartridge or ink is wasted.

Key Features

  • Refillable ink tanks
  • High-resolution flatbed scanner
  • Excellent color display
  • Up to 2 years of ink in the set
  • Suitable for any paper type

Epson EcoTank ET-2760 sublimation printer is the name of ensuring and promising impressive print quality. Furthermore, the stamping of Claria ET pigment and high-quality black ink let the printer develop the highly sharp text.

  • Auto-duplex printing
  • Print 7,500 black pages 
  • Claria ET pigment black ink
  • Money-back guarantee service is not obtainable

5-Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer

Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer

Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer can further smooth down your printing operations. It is pointless to use old and traditional sublimation printers. Brands have introduced new models in the market, performing sublimation printing up to the highest standards. We have a Sawgrass SG500 printer that is the best dye-sublimation printer for mugs. It offers two years of manufacturer warranty, and you will also get partner plus support.

Furthermore, you will get a comprehensive set and pack of subject kinds of UHD inks. Keep in the notice that these are the starter kit cartridges. Customers are given 220 sheets of sublimation paper as well. These sheets are made in Japan, which means excellent quality will be there. These papers do not show any smudging, and the paint dries in less time.

The catchy part of Sawgrass SG500 is that it has Easy-to-use and Online Designer Software. There is a Stock Design Library in it, and Sawgrass also develops this library. With the help of the stock design library, you can get so many print designing ideas. The only thing that is a matter of attention is that the Sawgrass SG500 printer does not work for shirts made of polyester.

Key Features

  • 220 sheets of sublimation paper
  • Made in Japan
  • Stock Design Library
  • Partner plus support
  • Two years of manufacturer warranty

SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG500 gives starter kit size cartridges and 220 sheets of sublimation papers. These papers run on the Instant Dry Technology. That is why the popularity and demand for these kinds of sublimation printers are getting increased.

  • Prints get dry instantly.
  • Creative studio online software
  • Starter kit pack of SUBLIJET UHD Ink
  • It does not work on polyester fabric.

6-Canon CP1300 sublimation printer

Canon CP1300 sublimation printer

Canon CP1300 is a wireless and highly compact sublimation printer. The whole set includes Compact Power Adapter and Paper Cassette. Further, you will get Canon Year Limited Warranty, USB Cable, and even a Microfiber Cloth upon buying the best dye-sublimation printer for shirts.

It is time to stop spending money and even a single dollar on buying customized mugs and shirts. You can have a Canon CP1300 and do the customized printing on your own. Trust us; this is not a tiring job! Furthermore, the reviewed product functions on the dye-sub technology. It means that your print can last for up to 100 years; this is so surprising. You do not have to dry your images because they show instantly dry features as well.

Canon CP1300 is hassle-free to connect with iPhone and iPad. Many choices and models have entered this sublimation printing business, but Canon CP1300 has always stood the test of time. It gives professional results, and no one will get an idea that you have printed the shirt at your home.

Key Features

  • Microfiber Cloth
  • It runs on dye-sub technology
  • Print lasts up to 100 years.
  • Connects with your iPhone and iPad
  • Prints are water-resistant
  • Party Shuffle layout prints.

Canon CP1300 shows Party Shuffle Print3 and gives a 2×6 photo booth and fantastic kind of layout prints. Whether you want to print on a square or sticker paper, this printer will not provide any trouble to you. The photos are wholly water-resistant, and it is claimed that they can last for 100 years.

  • Bundle and comes with USB cable
  • Compact Power Adapter
  • One Year Limited Warrant
  • I may see a delay in the customer support area.

7-HP 9025e sublimation printer

HP 9025e sublimation printer

HP 9025e performs the job of sublimation printing upon ensuring the fastest speed. It is time to say goodbye to old and outdated sublimation printers and invest in the HP 9025e version. It is the best dye-sublimation printer for beginners. Moreover, it gives 500-sheet paper capacity, and the scanning speed is approximately 2x faster.

The beautiful part is that HP’s innovative printing system makes it a more versatile and high in-demand product. Upon subscribing to this system, you will get six months of Instant Ink, which will be free of cost. In addition, two years extended HP warranty time is delivered to the user.

If you are free these days and want to do a business, starting a shirt or mug printing business is the best of all. It needs no major and excessive equipment. The only requirement is to invest in a high-quality sublimation printer, and that is all!

Key Features

  • HP’s intelligent printing system
  • Six months of free Instant Ink
  • Two years extended HP warranty
  • Self-healing Wi-FiTM
  • Ideally resolves connection issues.

HP 9025e has its own HP smart app as well. Once you connect this app to your handset, you can directly take the prints with ease. Moreover, if your sublimation printer shows any connection issues, they will be detected and resolved with the help of Self-healing Wi-FiTM.

  • Delivers the fastest printing speeds
  • Shows 500-sheet paper capacity
  • 2x faster scan speed
  • Absence of power adapter

8-Kodak Dock Premium Sublimation printer

Kodak Dock Premium Sublimation printer

Kodak Dock Premium sublimation printer helps you print some of the memorable shirts and mugs. Though it is not a complete and pure sublimation printer, you can still put sublimation sheets in it and then heat transfer that print.

Most importantly, it is fused with 4Pass technology and helps you get flawless prints instantly. Apart from getting the simple and basic patterns, you can laminate them too! To see how Kodak Dock Premium works, you can take out an old shirt and imprint the desired characters and fonts on it.

Furthermore, its printing results claim to call themselves fingerprint-proof and also water-resistant. This one is a lightweight printer, and you can take it anywhere, wherever you go. Download the Kodak app and do the job of executing sublimation printing more hassle-free.

Key Features

  • 4Pass technology
  • Fingerprint proof results
  • Photos are water-resistant
  • A free Kodak app
  • A starter cartridge comes with ten sheets

Kodak Dock Premium printer does not make use of the PictBridge function. Undoubtedly it is less complicated to use and always gives you a lot more effective printing results. Besides, the customer gets ten free prints because the box comes with a starter cartridge and ten sheets

  • Gives Full-Color Photos
  • Offer Lamination Process
  • Compatible with iOS device and Android, and Bluetooth Device
  • Not ideal for commercial purposes

The Buying Guide

Comparison of sublimation printing method and heat transfer printing method

We know that both of these imprinting methods are popular methods for transferring any image or text and font or character on a blank piece of t-shirt. Furthermore, these techniques are used to inject ideas into other fabric types as well. Companies and the industrial sector heavily opt for these procedures to make promotional materials and emboss interesting images on mugs and coasters and even on tumblers.

Most importantly, the gases are turned into ink in the sublimation printing process as soon as you release the pressure. Moreover, the pores of the fabric are opened up so that ink can get infused in it. The temperature cools down, and the user has to let go of the pressure as well. In addition, the gas eventually transforms itself into solid again. This whole process imprints texts and fonts on your shirt or desired materials.

Materials preferable for sublimation printing

Most noteworthy, there is a particular kind of material that you can use and employ for sublimation printing. Experts have advised you to use porous materials only if you want to process the sublimation printing job. Furthermore, the list includes polyester, ceramic tiles. You can even use polyvinyl chloride (PVCs) and consider nylon, spandex. Some like to sublimate Lycra. However, you should not use cotton to uphold prints on it.

If it is 100% cotton, then it is a no from our side. But if you are using mixed cotton, then you can sublimate it. There are a few of the cotton versions that carry a combination and blend of artificial polymer. This way, it becomes less demanding for the ink to adhere and thoroughly inject itself into the material. So, if you like to sublimate your shirts, it is recommended to use light-colored shirts and fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-How much is the cost of a dye-sublimation printer?

The cost varies if you want to get a dye-sublimation printer. The Standard and average price is under 10,000 dollars. Many brands make sublimation printers under this much price bracket. Like, we have brands Epson, Kodak.

2-Can you sublimate prints on dark fabric?

It is always recommended to process the job of sublimation printing on dark fabric. However, the latest equipment has made it attractively possible to sublimate prints on dark fabric as well. Notice that desirable results are given if you uphold prints on any light-colored polyester fabrics or process this job on the poly-coated items. Experts have advised people to avoid using dark fabric because the final image is not generally clearly visible.

3-Can you make and print stickers with sublimation printers?

It is possible to make and print stickers with the support of sublimation printers. Many brands make stickers for promotional and marketing content purposes. And in this regard, they employ a sublimation printer.

Final Verdict

The whole discussion revolving around the best printer for dye sublimation is now provided to you. It is not a wise idea to spend so much money on getting customized shirts and mugs. You can creatively perform this job on your own. A single sublimation printer is needed, and you can customize and print as many mats, shirts and mugs, and even tumblers as you can!

Our Top Choices Are:

Epson EcoTank ET Series sublimation printer

WorkForce WF-7210

HP Pro 8025e sublimation printer

Once you try out our reviewed sublimation printers, you can again check them for us and share with us your opinions. Noticeable qualities are fast printing speed, clear and sharp text, zero ink wastage, high compatibility, and less power consumption. A sublimation printer has become the need for each home and office. Keep connected with us, and see when more sublimation printer models will enter the market.

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