What Can You Sublimate On? Basics Guide

Over time, people changed their style and used new printing work techniques. Sublimation printing is the amazing style of getting exclusive designs on various materials. Many sources are now developed that support sublimation printing in getting more accurate results.

In the market, countless printers and other materials are available for various printing methods. Sublimation printing is the noted method that provides remarkable printing effects on different items. Here, what can you sublimate on either all the items or specific objects?

As it is known to everyone, sublimation is the specific procedure that changes a solid into a gas. And in sublimation printing, you require sublimation ink and other significant materials that help complete the procedure of printing.

So people wanted to know how to sublimate on glass and different kinds of objects like fabric, ceramics, metal, etc. In which materials are perfectly suitable for sublimation printing.

What Can You Sublimate On

Sublimation printing is the specific mechanism in which you put sublimation ink on the objects for getting exclusive prints from inkjet printers. But the question is can we sublimate all the materials. Because according to the sublimation mechanism, if you directly change the solid into gas it is either possible to sublimate on all objects.

There are different materials like fabric, metal, wood, and ceramics’ for printing. People want to know possibilities to sublimate all these items easily or not. Let’s know we move to the different items one by one and discuss whether they can be sublimated.

Materials That You Can Sublimate

1. Fabric

In fabric, the well-known material you can acquire hundred percent results in sublimation printing is polyester material.

Polyester is noted as the best fabric for the mechanism of sublimation printing. Because it includes other manufactured materials that support easier absorption of ink on the polyester fabric, the other materials which are added in polyester are nylon Spandex and Lycra.

  • Polyester bags
  • Polyester Aprons
  • Polyester Cushion covers
  • Polyester Mouse Mats

2. Polymer

The other material is a synthetic substance or a natural is known as polymers. You can also sublimate on polymers because nylon and Teflon are included that ideally blend with sublimation dyes. For sublimation printing, you can use both natural and synthetic polymers.

In which the best option for sublimation are synthetic polymers like

  • Notebooks
  • Bookmarks
  • Keychain
  • Skinny Tumblers 

So these are synthetic polymers that you can sublimate easily.

3. Ceramics

The other option that comes with sublimation printing is Ceramics. It is a hard and heat-resistant material that includes tiles, mugs for sublimation printing, and vases. You can sublimate on all the ceramics’ objects, but some objects require a specific coating before the sublimation printing.

The ceramics objects you can sublimate on are Ceramics’ mugs, Ceramics’ tiles, etc.

4. Wood

The other objects are wood that you can sublimate on the condition. This means for sublimation on the wood, and you need to add a specific polymer coating, you will be able to do a sublimation printing on wood. There are different coated wood materials available that you can utilize for sublimation printing in the market.

5. Metal

To sublimate on the metal, you shall also require the polymer coat. Because after the polymer paint metal will be able to absorb ink in a better way. On metal printing, you never get the ideal results like exactly that you put it changes into another look.

So these are some objects that should be considered for sublimation printing. Moreover, you can also sublimate on the Glass sheets, MDF coasters, aluminum sheets, etc.


Over time, many people are connected with the printing field and working professionally. Therefore, questions related to various printing techniques, especially sublimation printing, are at their peak. Here is what you can sublimate through the sublimation printing. In this topic, we explained all the aspects related to sublimation printing. I hope you like this topic.

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