What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Sublimation?

To make your goods look more attractive than usual, Sublimation Printing is the solution. Sublimation printing marks different designs onto various things like our shirts, hoodies, mugs, papers, walls, etc. While we choose to make prints with Sublimation, we should consider certain factors. We Should Consider What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Sublimation? Any printer that can perform digital printing technology can be used for Sublimation printing. 

A Sublimation printer gives us a variety of sublimated prints. The printer works for selective mediums and gives us desired quality results. The demand for this printing form is significantly increasing day by day. Thus, printers used for Sublimation printing are expensive. It is important to ponder over the required use of the printer for us. 

What is Sublimation printing? Which printer works best for Sublimation?

In sublimation printing, heat is used to mold solid white paint into gaseous form, and it is again converted into solid form for light and removable printing on clothes. It is a thermal printer that prints different materials like mugs, walls, cell phone covers, wallets, clothes, tablets, cards, and many other things. 

A sublimation printer shifts ink onto the medium with pressure for the required print through heat. When the solid pigment changes into gas, it becomes a medium part. 

The old ways of emulsion printing are gone where the direct print was pasted on the surface. Sublimation printing is better and commonly used for printing cards, photo albums, and fabrics. Many people are not familiar with sublimation printing or heated printing. In sublimation printing, the heated ink is passed through the wild print head, passing through a nozzle and pointing directly at the desired point. It can also be used for materials like polyester and metal.

A sublimation printer is needed to create and print documents in a large amount and with ample storage and space. In sublimation printing, vast images are first printed, then reduced and reproduced on the required material. 

This exciting technique uses heat to transfer paint to a printable surface. The process is done when a film or image from a photographic negative is copied to the rubber surface. The device forms water vapors from the spray, which creates the image. The original colors in the film used are copied in the final image.

How is an inkjet printer different from a sublimation printer?

It is essential to discuss the difference between Sublimation and inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are a bit older and affordable to print many materials and they are made to print from paper and fabrics. The downside can be the less quality image results.  

The new trending printers are sublimation printers in which water-resistant ink is used to expose on the paper sheet, resulting in pasting the same image on a blank sheet due to the heat present. 

In inkjet printers, liquid ink is used and passed through a nozzle to create an image on the piece of paper. The print from the inkjet printer takes time to dry. A picture is printed on the film sheet in a sublimation printer, reducing that film to cardstock.

Which printer should we choose?

There are two types of printers suitable for those using them for business. For this purpose in the market, the available printers are inkjet, laser, and Sublimation. In sublimation printing, heat and pressure are used to convert dry dye into gas, and then it is pasted on fabric which quickly dries and lasts for a long time. 

Inkjet printers are easy to get without paying much money. The dry dye-sublimation printers are expensive but best to use, giving durable and excellent quality images. Further, the laser printer is also convenient to use for fast printing.

However, keeping our needs in mind, some points should be considered.

  • Material type
  • Budget
  • Workspace
  • Quality requirements

How to buy the best printer for yourself?

In the paperless world, the need for paper printing is still there. It is not easy to buy a suitable printer for yourself with multiple printer options like laser printers, inkjet printers, sublimation printers, and paper printers. Follow this guide to pick the best budget sublimation printer for yourself. 

  • Choosing sublimation printers is best if you want high-quality image results. 
  • When buying a printer, the price, ink cost, warranty, and customer satisfaction should be considered.
  • Check the printer with an image resolution of 600 to 1200dpi for the best image quality. 
  • For excellent features, Epson SureColor p-2000 is best. The wide image printing with high resolution and many other features make it one of the best printers. 


I hope this article gives you all the information you need to know. For best quality prints, choose sublimation printers. A printer that supports Sublimation without any printing error is the best. The Sublimation printers are expensive but fulfill all the needs. Research well to know which one is compatible according to your requirements before buying any.

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